Police called on South Jax resident after attempted use of Village Hall copier

By Jim McCabe on March 27 at 11:02pm

south jax

A strange incident at South Jacksonville’s Village Hall on Friday afternoon results in police being called in after a resident says he wanted to use the building’s copy machine.        Read More

Camp Care-a-Lot gets supplies donated from Springfield Clinic

By Jim McCabe on March 27 at 1:22pm


A Jacksonville youth camp was the beneficiary of a big donation from Springfield Clinic this morning. Clinic officials presented Camp Care-a-Lot with $2,500 worth of supplies for children who attend Read More

District 117 board candidates featured on “What’s On Your Mind?”

By Ryne Turke on March 27 at 1:21pm


The five District 117 school board candidates were featured on WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program this morning. Incumbents Mike Lonergan and Steven Cantrell, along with newcomers Corinne Wagner, Libby Read More

Boyd Foundation holds Murder Mystery Fundraiser

By Ryne Turke on March 27 at 1:01pm


The community is invited to participate in a Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser tomorrow in Greene County. The Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Foundation and People’s Bank of White Hall will showcase Read More

Order a colorectal cancer screening kit at the drive-through

By Jim McCabe on March 27 at 7:26am


You’re not exactly ordering a burger and fries at this drive-through, but instead, a free kit that just might save your life. And actually, if you eat a lot of Read More