Trials for Heitbrink, Berry continued in Morgan County Court

By Ryne Turke on May 6 at 12:47pm


Pre-trial conferences for two high profile murder cases took place in Morgan County Court this morning. Robert Heitbrink, who is being charged with three counts of first degree murder, had Read More

Weather behaves in Jacksonville in April

By Jim McCabe on May 6 at 12:47pm


We got a few April showers this past month but nothing the ground couldn’t handle as it fully unfroze from another cold winter. We received 2.36 inches of precipitation at Read More

State senator co-sponsors steel resolution

By Jim McCabe on May 6 at 12:47pm

Stacks of raw and unworked steel discs in factory, overhead view

Jacksonville State Senator Sam McCann is asking for help from Washington to boost the struggling steel industry. McCann spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday as the Illinois Senate passed a Read More

CEO Trade Show offers new local businesses a chance to show their stuff

By Richard Holton on May 6 at 8:48am


The Morgan-Scott CEO program displayed the fruits of its’ labors yesterday at Hamilton’s Catering. 10 companies, some of them already hiring employees and making products, displayed their businesses to the Read More

South Jacksonville fire damages home on West Greenwood

By Jim McCabe on May 6 at 8:48am


Fire caused heavy damage to a house in South Jacksonville overnight. Reports indicate it happened at 517 West Greenwood at the home of Andy Rouland. South Jacksonville firefighters were called Read More